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I love contrasting light and dark in interior design. To have bright white and spacious or stone/ dark gray walls and furniture with otherwise ghastly bold colours sprinkled throughout a room as a lamp, cushion, throw or statement armchair. Of course on a monochromatic backdrop all colours flourish and add vibrance as well as attitude to your interior. In my family we have discovered a thing called orange, that is the colour and despite its prominence in fabulous 60’s design, the modest out there fear it. Its bold and attention seeking nature made it perfect for us when trying to sell our house. Painting one wall of our previously “new home neutral” living room gave the entire house a much need statement that I attribute to its successful selling.Thanks to “Ugly Betty” production designer Mark Worthington, fierce and fabulous people are happy to attribute bright orange to the wonderful world of fashion. This is no bad thing, and is no reason why you cannot indulge in a little attention seeking colour splash. In our new home we still have an orange living room, large orange cushions and an equally imposing rug. What is different though is that we aren’t afraid of colour like we were the first time we painted that one wall to grab buyers attention. We now throw in some purple accessories, lamps, cushions and throws for warmth. Against the remaining strong white walls it adds a comfort yet light that would dissipate if we painted all walls or wallpapered. The beauty of our current design is its simplicity and although it’s still a work in progress I expect orange to remain a key feature in my home.