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Hello and welcome to Drunken House, soon to be realised as your favourite home for all things designer, interior, fashion and life enhancing through prettiness. So the story goes, it was just past mid-day when the force came down on three relatives to come up with a way to make money. Through an awfully clogged job market, the likelihood of any one of us gaining lawful employment would be low. One could have worked the streets, but was prone to blisters on his toes and chose the next best thing, to sell himself on the internet. Of course again there is the problem of legalities and such so to sell furniture was the concluding business idea. Great, an idea with real practicalities for which all three relatives could get hands on and accomplish something. The only problem was what to call our new business that would instantly make us millionaires. Turn to late afternoon, barely evening, and a bottle of Amaretto later, the name Drunken House comes about as one calls the other two “drunken cows”, but is miss heard. What could go wrong?!So beggineth the pleasure of working with family, the indulgence in design, craft and the less so enjoyable world of business, branding and the great global public. We evolved quickly from refurbishing old furniture to designing and producing furnishing, accessories and fashion pieces of our own. We hope to make Drunken House a name for all stylish, trendy and yet unique individuals who want statement pieces, ‘one-offs’ and short run quality products that represent them, the times and a great design conscious.Here at drunkenhouse.com we will serve you up trends in interiors, fashion and lifestyle as well as give you the best chance to get your hands on the most gorgeous pieces from our online store. So sit back, relax, browse, subscribe, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, invite us round for dinner (and drinks).

Just live, let us do all the work, and expect madness to prevail.