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Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov is an interior/ spatial designer and has come up with a concept for a wall that changes colour and pattern for the ultimate design mobility. Formulated by an array of prisms that can then produce any colour in a variety of patterns, one can change their interior space continuously. I for one love the idea of being able to alter a wall colour as and when my mood/ and taste shift. However we try though, the only way is through light, I use Phillips Living Colour which works well enough at night for ambience, but doesn’t alter the decor or feel of the interior all too much. ‘Change It’ could be a good start to making light work for us in a whole new, interior design orientated way. Being the impatient so-and-so I am, I will continue seek other ways of quickly and dramatically altering an interior space, as and when the mood strikes.

The use could also go beyond residential/ domestic use and enter into retail and display. A furniture shop could use it to show customers how their favoured products will go with their currently wall colouring.

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