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If you are like my mother you enjoy buying things because you like them and do not care if they work with your decor, desired look or taste. If you are also like my mother you will then moan about how nothing in your home goes together and how awful it looks. Quite right, it is all well and good decorating your home with things you like, you should, it is after all your home. However you still have to try continuity in theme, design and general aesthetic. What I suggest is to create a scrap-book of your favourite interiors and from this, over time you will see a pattern emerging. This will be your favoured design, so run with it.

People go wrong with interior design for two main reasons (in my opinion).

1 – They copy magazines. Yes these rooms look amazing in print but may not necessarily be practical, realistic or comfortable for your taste. It is also one thing to find alternatives to the items used in these designer rooms, but the lack of quality in choosing a cheaper/ general alternate gives poor balance. The items you buy in high street shops tend to be small (for some reason). I was in a large home furnishings shop the other day and couldn’t even find a lamp shade as they all appeared to be made for a doll house.

2 – They hoard and spread. Like my mother with her many random pieces of art, statues and glass horse figures, collecting these items for show in your home is what in the end will make it your home. So stick to neutral backgrounds, remove wallpaper and bold statement walls. (In another note, the statement wall is something of the 00’s and we’ve moved on, please join us.) If you have objects varying in shape, size, colour and design then you may want to put them all onto shelves grouped and curated. That is pack away things that cause clutter. There should be space and balance.

I suppose in conclusion, one should make a feature out of knick knacks, ornaments and the things you like and buy. Don’t spread them around on mantel pieces, window sills and sporadic shelving. Instead put them all into one well layed out book shelf or wall system, or even a room divide. Then you will have your loved possessions as a feature and not garish feature wallpaper, chimney breast or “feature wall”.

For ideas see below.

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