Drunken House is an effort by three relatives to push design and style into peoples lives as well as their own. Read about how the project started HERE.

Established in October 2011 when a conversation on how to make money turned onto furniture flipping. Although Simon is not one to do things half way, instead of finding cheap furniture and selling it with minimal work, Simon grew the idea to encompass an idea of quality and purpose. It’s one thing to sell a piece of furniture, it’s another to become host to stylish, trend worthy and notable pieces for ones home.

So to work and Drunken House was born. We now work towards the sourcing and restoration of furniture, home decor and furnishings as well as our own brand paper-craft, fashion and design-centric items. All to help you discover the strength of well designed decoration, and how just owning one piece from Drunken House can transform a room, an interior or your own style.

This website aims to document our journey, progression our huge learning curve and to talk about interior design, fashion, design and lifestyle. This is only the beginning of a grand adventure for us, so stay tuned and we will be updating this page soon.


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