Jobs and Opportunities

Drunken House is something quite special, or at least it will be. We thrive on fresh ideas, innovation and design. Overall we want to be known as the place to go for statement design goods in the realm of furniture, furnishings, fashion and other well designed bits and bobs. To do this we work hard to source the best items or to design and make something from nothing. Drunken House also wants to be a great institute in supporting designers and creatives through the UK. As a great British company we want to support some home-grown talent. Please note that at this early stage in our business, we cannot afford to offer pay but read on for what opportunities currently exist at Drunken House.

Fashion & Jewellery Designers

If you are a designing modern, trend-centric and socially conscious fashion pieces then we’d like to hear from you. Ideally you will know all about the manufacturing of your garments and be able to present not only great designs, but also a plan on how to produce and manufacture your ideas in a cost-effective manner. Remuneration in the form of sales commission and you get to bring your ideas to life, plus some always appreciated publicity for you.

Furniture Designers

Being a furniture designer it is hard to break into the realm of retail. Let Drunken House help you by providing an outlet that draws in crowds of people who are looking for great design, quality and value. If you can design and create statement pieces for the modern designer home, then we want to hear from you. Remember we want to partner with designers who can produce items themselves. Remuneration as commission on sales.


We need writers. You will be able to write what you want about anything regarding fashion, furniture, furnishings, fine art, and lifestyle. As long as you stay within the ideals of Drunken House. Key attributes will be an outstanding use of the English language, being able to find interesting and captivating ways to engage, personably with our readers. Although we cannot at this stage offer a salary, or monetary rewards for your work, we can give you a reference and something unique to put on your CV.

Graphic Designers

Can you design print ready artwork for use as greeting cards, stationary and other paper-craft? If yes and you’ve creative ideas to match your technical skills, then we want to hear from you. Our online store will be home to a small collection of designers and manufactures who are suited to the Drunken House brand. As with other roles at the moment we cannot afford to pay salaries but offer commission in sales of your product.


Please email the team: and he will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Include: Your full name, examples of work (or links to), and any ideas, expectations or questions you may have.

Thank you.

The Drunken House Team



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