Casa Corallo by Paz Arquitectura


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A stunning piece of architecture and one of my many dream homes. Set within a forest and amongst hills, the house is a designed to fuse with the nature of the terrain. Using concrete, wood and glass at its main construction, the architects aimed to purpose the space without demolishing trees and the surrounding forest. Photography by Andrés Asturias.

More on the official website here.

March Madness | The Tea Party Sale


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The sun is shining, it is March and as mad as the march hare and as drunk as the Drunken House family, we are taking 30% off our prices until Easter. Perhaps it is too much sun or more probably the colourful fluids that appeared when we had ourselves a little Drunken House Tea Party.  So to tempt you to shop now for a unique piece of our mad tea party set, here are a few snaps of our party set-up including the gorgeous retro and vintage tea sets we are selling. Shop Here.

Sale Over, but Jamie Oliver has a new restaurant.


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That is it folks, the Valentines sale is over, people went mad in the shops buying ‘special’ ready meals and chocolate or strawberry focused sweet treats, we went and did our food shop, not the best idea as it was awfully busy, and it is half-term here in the UK, children everywhere. I digress.

In other news, have you seen Jamie Oliver’s new pizza restaurant ‘Union Jacks’, designed by Blacksheep. It is full of carefully curated kitsch.Pics from Fast Code Design

Valentines Sale


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It is coming up to that time of year again when pretty things are being shipped by the boat load to helpless boyfriends and husbands for their charmed wives and girlfriends. Drunken House thought we’d help out a bit and offer 10% off everything in our etsy store. Use coupon code DRUNKENLOVE2012 at checkout. Checkout the video below.


New York Loft by Charlotte Macaux Perelman


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I love the combination of sleek modern design, like the stainless steel kitchen and the wooden interior, warmth in an industrial environment. Check out the pics and this info straight from Charlotte’s portfolio.

“This historic artist’s loft was ‘reinvisioned’ as a gracious one room home for a couple, taking care to respect the old spirit of the place. A sixty-five foot wood library element provides organization to the space nad serves to define a day bed area with stunning view of the city in two directions. An industrial metal kitchen, custom-made in Italy break the rhythm of the library and opens up to spectacular north facing 22′ high sky lights.

While the main space  keeps its original soul, the bathrooms and dressing areas have been designed like minimal luxury men’s store, an iconic contrast in grey marble and matching cerused (limed) wood panelling.”

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Things that make Christmas nice…


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I always like to think that making things yourself to decorate or eat around Christmas adds to its charm. That is to get away from the commercialism of it all and spend time at home doing things with family, friends or quietly by yourself. That being said, there is no doubt that someone else may be able to do something much better than ourselves, and for that we have ETSY. We love Etsy is allows us to set up our own shop but really we love it because it exposes us to amazing talent from all over the world. Here are some our favourites for hand-made Xmas decorations.

Old Books Are Essential


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There is nothing more homely than having a decent collection of vintage books that add warmth and character whilst making people think you are somewhat intellectual. They also make great gifts for the coming seasonal festivities.

As such Drunken House have a little collection of vintage Enid Blyton books appearing in our Etsy Store. There is the entire series of the Malory Towers books ranging from first editions to fourth. 

First Year at Malory Towers (Fourth Edition – 1949)
Second Form at Malory Towers (Second Edition – 1948)
Third Year at Malory Towers (Second Edition – 1949)
Upper Fourth at Malory Towers (First Edition – 1949)
In The Fifth at Malory Towers (First Edition – 1950)
Last Term at Malory Towers (First Edition – 1951))